Functions and Applications of Liquid Filters

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In any industrial process, it is important to maintain a clean fluid, a fluid with the optimal characteristics for its operation, or a fluid with the defined quality in its process; It is required to use filtration as a vitality process to maintain the aforementioned parameters.

In simple terms, the main objective of a filtration system is the control of contamination either from an external agent or an agent that can be created during the manufacturing process.

Functions of Liquid Filters

With the application of effective filtration and separation solutions, it is possible to neutralize particles of all sizes, pathogenic microorganisms, odors, and tastes. By removing these contaminants, fluid filters perform several functions:

  1. Improve processes and operational safety
  2. Guarantee the quality of finished products and thus protect consumers
  3. Guarantee the protection of facilities
  4. Reduce operating costs by limiting equipment downtime

Applications of Liquid Filters

Liquid processes are present in many industrial manufacturing sectors, but also in the food and chemical industries. Each liquid has its specific requirements depending on the purpose for which it is used, be it process water, chemicals, or beverages for consumption.

Although each installation is different, liquid filtration always plays an important role with multiple challenges.

1. Water Filtration

Water is used in almost all industrial sectors. Contaminated water can rapidly degrade the quality of production. Therefore, it is important to filter industrial water from the collection point. We offer equipment adapted to all flow ranges to filter cooling water, cleaning water, irrigation water, city water systems, boreholes, tanks, but also swimming pools, and spas.

2. Filtration in chemical and industrial processes

Sectors such as the manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic industries involve the use of fluids that need to be filtered to guarantee product quality, protect equipment and fight against contamination. We provide professionals in these fields solutions for filtering oils, paints, inks, chemical products, etc.

3. Filtration Of Food Processes And Liquids

In the food industry, liquid filtration solutions are essential to meet quality and hygiene standards. Our liquid filters help you in the filtration of your processes and the treatment of liquids intended for consumption.

4. Domestic Water Filtration

For the treatment of domestic water and the fight against particles, bacteria, and odors, find our filter bodies, activated carbon, and antibacterial elements, as well as our UV filtration solutions.

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